Financial Planning

Financial planning is the roadmap to a secure and fulfilling life, as you define it. We provide comprehensive planning: Not just for investments—but for everything from debt management to college funding to generating the retirement income you’ll need.
"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week."
- General George S. Patton


Our planning process starts with getting to know you and your needs in depth and detail. Based on that information, we create a comprehensive set of recommendations that may include:

  • Cash-flow optimization
  • Education funding
  • Retirement funding
  • Social Security maximization
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Risk management
  • Charitable giving
  • Estate planning


We guide and support clients in building their retirement nest eggs, and we also help them retire confident that they will not outlive their assets. Retirement income planning involves working together to identify your retirement income needs, then creating two things:

  • An in-retirement portfolio that, along with Social Security and any other income sources, provides steady income while allowing for needed growth.
  • A spending strategy that can keep you from overspending—or living with unnecessary frugality.


Wealth takes a great deal of time and work to achieve, but it can be lost quickly. That’s why risk management is essential for those who wish to sustain their wealth and potentially pass it on to multiple generations.

We walk clients through the potential risks faced by them, their family members and their assets. We also recommend cost-effective insurance options to reduce those risks.

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We start with a complimentary “Get Acquainted” meeting to describe our people, process, services and fees, and to learn about your worries—the thoughts that typically cause anxiety and frustration rather than providing direction. The goal of the meeting is to transform those concerns into specific, actionable goals and to determine whether a mutually beneficial relationship exists. We then prioritize your goals, which creates the cornerstone for the next stage of our process.

Analyze & Design


Once the relevant information has been gathered, organized and reviewed, we are ready to analyze your present financial condition. This analysis is likely to reveal strengths to build upon as well as weaknesses that are arriers to your goals.


After your information has been analyzed, we will design a realistic plan to help you attain your objectives. Your financial plan will be tailored to you, and will include strategies designed with your abilities and your goals in mind. Typically, there is more than one way of achieving one’s goals. When this is the case, we will present alternative strategies and will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Monitor and Review

Your relationship with us is an ongoing one. We will meet once a year, or more frequently if changing circumstances warrant it, to review:

  • the performance of solutions implemented
  • any changes in your personal and financial circumstances
  • any changes in the economic, tax or financial environment.

Clients who choose our investment-advisory strategies receive anytime, anywhere access to our portfolio accounting, measured-performance portal. This leading-edge technology gives you full access to your aggregate portfolio holdings, benchmarked performance. You may retrieve archived results easily and securely, on any device.


Gather Data

Our professionals will help you to determine your current situation, clarify your desired future situation. We will help you decide when it is to be achieved and establish responsibilities in order to get the information needed to ensure that the results meet your expectations.

You will be provided with a “Wealth Development Packet,” customized to the scope and complexity of your needs and circumstances. Because data gathering can be a daunting and time-consuming task, our firm’s para-planner will provide as much assistance as needed. Once completed, a meeting is conducted to review the information for accuracy and congruency with stated objectives and your risk tolerance.



Our advisory services fall into two broad categories: Fee-Only Financial Planning and Fee-Based Asset Management.

Fee-Only Financial Planning

Once your plan design is completed and approved by you, we will provide a written final version with an executive summary and recommendations. You are under no obligation to implement any of the recommendations outlined in the plan, either with Spectrum or with any other firm.

Fee-Based Asset Management

Your financial assessment will most likely include your completed risk profile, which will help us determine your ability and willingness to take on investment risk. If not, with our assistance, you will complete our risk profile, describing your financial situation, investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance and investment preferences. We will then determine the appropriate portfolio investment strategy (see Asset Management) for your needs. You will be provided with a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) based on the results of your completed profile.

Additionally, you will be introduced to your Client Services Specialist. The specialist will guide you through the account funding/asset transfer process to ensure that the investments you’d like us to manage get to us in a timely manner. The specialist will also assist with any specific cashiering needs you have (Wire orders, systematic withdrawal or deposit plans, margin lending and bill pay are just a few of the perks that our managed-account clients enjoy).